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Commercial Buildings

Commercial Cleanings

Welcome to Tidy Up Club! Your partner in spotless commercial spaces! We offer comprehensive commercial cleaning services and tailor our service to fit the individual needs of each client. Our process begins with an assessment of your space and our team provides estimates after the assessment is completed.

Commercial Clean Includes:

We offer the basic cleaning such as floors, dusting, wiping counters, and taking out trash with all of our commercial cleanings. However every business is made different and every client has their own unique needs. All other specific job duties are discussed in person during assessment.

Floor Cleaning

Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Mopping to ensure the floors are kept clean.

Dusting & Sanitizing

Dust any surfaces and sanitizing common areas to keep clean and avoid hazards.


Taking out the trash in any room cleaned to assure no build up. 

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